First, pretest the cleaning agent in a small out-of-the way area to make sure the agent will not damage the carpet or the dyes.

Many spots require more than one cleaning agent and method.

  • You can first try a light detergent cleaning solution. Apply the solution to a white cotton cloth, and then gently work in the cleaning agent from the edges of the spot to the center. Continue until there is no longer transfer of the spot to the cleaning cloth, and then continue on to the next step.
  • Next try an ammonia solution.
  • Next try a vinegar solution.
  • Blot with lukewarm tap water and absorb the water with a dry cloth. Air dry or with heater. When completely dry, brush or vacuum to restore to body and carpet texture. Due to the wide variety of spotting agents and the fibers they are used on we can assume no responsibility for any damage occurring. Always proceed with caution and only after pre-testing each cleaning agent. You can always contact our office with questions.